Beyond The Edge

Breaking down my walls, all the masks had to fall

How could he have seen the phantom behind?

Next to this lake, we walk naked, nothing left to lose

For our kingdom will never be the same again

Cold breezes stop to caress your soft pale skin

You shiver, my shell cannot keep you warm anymore

You speak to me, but the words fail in between our shores

Temporary silence fills the gaps, echoes startle my cores

I grew old in front of your eyes, innocence swept away

You never knew that in them was my hideaway

Now we wait for our lights to know your way back home

It’s a beautiful sight from here, the kindest heart set free

Lost for life, I stood here, a well of starlight and warmth

Enclosed by this crystal pond, my hopes letting go

My walls break down, and suddenly I don’t have to be afraid

For I have seen the light, the truth, the sea, the horizon

You are home, and the sunrise is dreaming of your light

I’m beyond the edge, the phantom gave up, for life has never stopped


Smoke and Mirrors

Under the blue skies, we were lost in this paradise

And my heart was beating, like a thousand drums in a choir


Brick by brick, we built ourselves a house of dreams

Painted it with rainbow feelings and moonlit promises


Darling, who could have known that love hurts like this


Next time I create the heavens, I won’t let you down

I’ll deliver you from all of this, smoke and mirrors


Eternal walks along my heart, as my time was running out

You sighed shyly, your crystal eyes shining brightly


Sweetheart, the horizon was not that far for both of us


Temporary serenades tranquil your beautiful loneliness

My fallen angel, life is all yours now, in birth and in death


Now sleep well dear heart, for you have been darkly desired

I’ll lay down with you, never forsake your light, dreaming again

The Silence


Untouchable, time flew by

Unrecognizable, emotions faded away

Unhearable, whispers uttered swiftly

Outside, at the edge of my sight

You slipped away, without any fight

In this battle of love and hate

We lost ourselves, a turn of fate

Cause baby you are beautiful

In your pain, in your flame

Let yourself shine, beyond my reach

Proud, I will always be, of our days

Don’t regret, don’t blame, and never give up

For life is still young and beautiful

And on this sunny day, I bid farewell

From an ocean, so wild so sweet

A gentle breeze, a sigh of relief  

Forgiveness in the Hatred Zone

It took a lot of time to actually think about and decide whether publishing the following post is a good idea or not. There is something special about it, something that I could not decipher. It belongs to an old era that vanished a while ago. In all cases, here it is for the world to see.

Forgiveness in the Hatred Zone

I hope my pain turn into smiles upon the lips that gave me pain…

I hope my tears turn into sweet dreams in the imagination that made me cry…

I wish my depression turn into hope in the heart that molted me in depression…

I wish my hell turns into the rain of heavens and quenches the thirst of the deserts that gave fire to my hell…

I hope my loneliness turn into freedom upon the wings that set me in prison…

I wish a rose bloom upon the hands that buried me.

I hope he finds his shore, he who left me shipwrecked and lost…

“Death, love, and art are respectively the soul, the body, and the intellect of life.”

2 Tools To Stop Worrying

Are you a worrier? Do you come from a long line of worriers? Did you have fear-filled, overprotective parents or grandparents?

Here’s the good news: It’s not biological. There is no “worry” gene. What it is, instead, is a learned behavior. Nurture ousting nature.

Worrying is actually a socially acceptable way of saying you live in fear of what may happen in the future. Most likely, you also lack present-moment consciousness, since you cannot be here now while constantly projecting catastrophically into the future.

It is an anxiety-provoking, ingrained thought pattern that can cause a host of stress-related physical and psychological issues.

But don’t worry: If you are a worrywart, there are some things you can do to get off the “What If?” highway.

Two of my favorite tools — which help improve your ability to keep your thoughts on the present moment — are:

1. To allot five minutes a day to worrying. If you find catastrophic thoughts creeping up at another time, remind yourself that you cannot think about these until your designated worry time. Go back to focusing on what is happening right now. (When you get to your worry time, you may not even be able to remember what it was you were worrying about earlier.)

2. Try the “Then What” exercise. Imagine the event you are concerned about actually happening, then ask yourself, “Then what?” From that point, ask “then what?” again. Keep going until you have reached the end of the questioning. Oftentimes, you will see that the fear is bigger in your mind than what could actually happen. This exercise helps create perspective. It also gives you the opportunity to see how much time you may be wasting worrying about what might happen rather than focusing on what is actually happening.

Allow yourself to step out of fear and into freedom. The only moment you are guaranteed is the one that is happening right now. When you project into the future — and a dismal one at that — you miss your life as it is happening and draw the misery-perception-turned-reality toward you since you are resonating on that energetic frequency. (Your mind is like a garden; what you nurture and put your attention on, grows. Why not choose to nurture what you desire rather than what you fear?)

I have been through many traumatic and scary experiences in my life. Worrying about them would not have changed how I handled them; it would only have robbed me of moments that I cannot get back.

Worrying and preparing are two different things, so do not confuse the two. I am not saying be unprepared, I am only suggesting that ruminating on your fear fantasy does not better prepare you for anything.

Let’s get honest and share — we’ve all been there or are struggling still, so no need to judge or hold back your feelings. Are you an excessive worrier? What triggers your worry muscle? Are you confused by the differences between being prepared and worrying? What tools have you discovered that yank you out of future-tripping and back to the here and now?

Memorable Quotes From Imaginaerum ~ Nightwish


“I had hoped to hear the chords played again one day, without them I’m lost in this nothingness. If a song had to have a colour it would be a mixture of red and pink, forever afraid of vanishing, terrified of the silence that make it.” ~ Tom Whitman