Beyond The Edge

Breaking down my walls, all the masks had to fall

How could he have seen the phantom behind?

Next to this lake, we walk naked, nothing left to lose

For our kingdom will never be the same again

Cold breezes stop to caress your soft pale skin

You shiver, my shell cannot keep you warm anymore

You speak to me, but the words fail in between our shores

Temporary silence fills the gaps, echoes startle my cores

I grew old in front of your eyes, innocence swept away

You never knew that in them was my hideaway

Now we wait for our lights to know your way back home

It’s a beautiful sight from here, the kindest heart set free

Lost for life, I stood here, a well of starlight and warmth

Enclosed by this crystal pond, my hopes letting go

My walls break down, and suddenly I don’t have to be afraid

For I have seen the light, the truth, the sea, the horizon

You are home, and the sunrise is dreaming of your light

I’m beyond the edge, the phantom gave up, for life has never stopped



God’s Bathtub Found?

It seems that the “Blue Lake” in Australia has not been affected by climate change for thousands of years.

In news that headed Australia’s Today Online, an Australian scientist stated that the lake has not changed chemically for around 7000 years.

This discovery was by accident, after university research team was studying the surrounding area for climate change markers. They took few samples from the lake, and the surprise was when they discovered that it had not been affected by climate change for years.

Stay tuned to know more about this incredible discovery!