The Silence


Untouchable, time flew by

Unrecognizable, emotions faded away

Unhearable, whispers uttered swiftly

Outside, at the edge of my sight

You slipped away, without any fight

In this battle of love and hate

We lost ourselves, a turn of fate

Cause baby you are beautiful

In your pain, in your flame

Let yourself shine, beyond my reach

Proud, I will always be, of our days

Don’t regret, don’t blame, and never give up

For life is still young and beautiful

And on this sunny day, I bid farewell

From an ocean, so wild so sweet

A gentle breeze, a sigh of relief  


An opinion about Faith

It is possible to live without believing in something, but many “testimonials” say that Belief is the reason behind motivation in life and the engine that keeps pushing us forward so we don’t fall out of the path. We are the ones who build our Faith and we can destroy it at any moment.

I agree with the saying that Faith shouldn’t be necessarily in God or a religious institution, Faith could be in anything that makes us stronger or anything that makes us feel that we have purpose in our life. But I don’t support the idea that all the Faith power should be invested in one entity, or else we become blinded by that faith, creating nonexistent schemes for the deity we choose to idolize, and approving of all its variants without questioning their reliability – which is almost always the case. It is preferable, in my opinion, to be more flexible in the way we approach Faith, allowing ourselves to enlarge the spectrum of our belief, by creating sanctuaries for different idols we wish to worship simultaneously, and thus, as the number of our inspirational forces multiplies, the Faith-driven force inside of us increases and flourishes into the best result of us that we can be, joining as many divine energies as possible in one spiritual gateway at once. The outcome of such a great work cannot be less than a transcendental connection field between the worldly and the beyond.