Crestfallen Life

Today, I release another post that I worked on recently. Sometimes, letting go is not about acceptance, it is about giving up the resistance.

Hope you enjoy the reading! 🙂

Crestfallen Life

Morning sunrise, you called upon my name

“What have you done?”, but I cannot take the blame


We both fell deeper, giving out our ways

You banged on the walls of my mind, hating all my days


I reached the breaking point, had to break your heart of stone

Cracking down these castles of despair, Heavens cannot be alone


Take my hand, and let all of this pain fade away

As you played with my mind, skies turned to gray


If only I had a compass, for you to find your name

The enchantress, crestfallen life, bowing down in shame


Let the young child in me, see the beauty of this world

Make him dream, what life outside this shell can be




For this week, I am publishing another one of my old writings. I do not know exactly when I managed to write this, but it was a dark time during my undergraduate studies. Looking back on it now, I can understand the pain and darkness that fueled such a writing.

In all cases, the past belongs to the past, there is no point explaining it. Enjoy this piece of writing and hope you can find comfort and acceptance in it.

Blessed Be!


Those glossy lips that met and whispered

Under the heavy rain of despair and loneliness.

Incurable feelings that elaborated the broken heart,

It may be just an epiphany, a nonreciprocal love.

Teasing those that had won, to make them unsocial

To immolate their utopia, faltering their confidence.

Shifting the heaven into havoc, persecuting the angels.

I won’t repent; I won’t dig deeper and deeper,

Because I’m going to face all the vague atmosphere,

I’m going to make the wind gust, to remove the ashes.

Crack that hard shell and breathe within inside me.

I’ve lost the time lamenting, trying to awake from the incubus.

What wrong had I done? I’ll drink their blood till the last drop,

My hands will erase every glance and all the favorite haunts.

They don’t know me, I’ve always acted that I care,

Pretending that I’m losing myself into them, begging them.

It’s just a matter of time, that’s for sure……….

Those demons outside, demolishing the captivated saints,

And entangling their white shiny wings with blackness.

Departed love, departed mercy, scratching the holy door,

‘I’m flattered’ as if he’s pleasing his ego……

Blindness is a bless for him, for just crossing the street,

Where all were astonished by his determination and faith.

In spite of coldness kissing the pendulum, freezing the time,

Draining the blood, as if there aren’t any watchers,

Making the pain easier to handle as the body is cut.