Smoke and Mirrors

Under the blue skies, we were lost in this paradise

And my heart was beating, like a thousand drums in a choir


Brick by brick, we built ourselves a house of dreams

Painted it with rainbow feelings and moonlit promises


Darling, who could have known that love hurts like this


Next time I create the heavens, I won’t let you down

I’ll deliver you from all of this, smoke and mirrors


Eternal walks along my heart, as my time was running out

You sighed shyly, your crystal eyes shining brightly


Sweetheart, the horizon was not that far for both of us


Temporary serenades tranquil your beautiful loneliness

My fallen angel, life is all yours now, in birth and in death


Now sleep well dear heart, for you have been darkly desired

I’ll lay down with you, never forsake your light, dreaming again

The Silence


Untouchable, time flew by

Unrecognizable, emotions faded away

Unhearable, whispers uttered swiftly

Outside, at the edge of my sight

You slipped away, without any fight

In this battle of love and hate

We lost ourselves, a turn of fate

Cause baby you are beautiful

In your pain, in your flame

Let yourself shine, beyond my reach

Proud, I will always be, of our days

Don’t regret, don’t blame, and never give up

For life is still young and beautiful

And on this sunny day, I bid farewell

From an ocean, so wild so sweet

A gentle breeze, a sigh of relief  


For this week, I am publishing another one of my old writings. I do not know exactly when I managed to write this, but it was a dark time during my undergraduate studies. Looking back on it now, I can understand the pain and darkness that fueled such a writing.

In all cases, the past belongs to the past, there is no point explaining it. Enjoy this piece of writing and hope you can find comfort and acceptance in it.

Blessed Be!


Those glossy lips that met and whispered

Under the heavy rain of despair and loneliness.

Incurable feelings that elaborated the broken heart,

It may be just an epiphany, a nonreciprocal love.

Teasing those that had won, to make them unsocial

To immolate their utopia, faltering their confidence.

Shifting the heaven into havoc, persecuting the angels.

I won’t repent; I won’t dig deeper and deeper,

Because I’m going to face all the vague atmosphere,

I’m going to make the wind gust, to remove the ashes.

Crack that hard shell and breathe within inside me.

I’ve lost the time lamenting, trying to awake from the incubus.

What wrong had I done? I’ll drink their blood till the last drop,

My hands will erase every glance and all the favorite haunts.

They don’t know me, I’ve always acted that I care,

Pretending that I’m losing myself into them, begging them.

It’s just a matter of time, that’s for sure……….

Those demons outside, demolishing the captivated saints,

And entangling their white shiny wings with blackness.

Departed love, departed mercy, scratching the holy door,

‘I’m flattered’ as if he’s pleasing his ego……

Blindness is a bless for him, for just crossing the street,

Where all were astonished by his determination and faith.

In spite of coldness kissing the pendulum, freezing the time,

Draining the blood, as if there aren’t any watchers,

Making the pain easier to handle as the body is cut.

Forgiveness in the Hatred Zone

It took a lot of time to actually think about and decide whether publishing the following post is a good idea or not. There is something special about it, something that I could not decipher. It belongs to an old era that vanished a while ago. In all cases, here it is for the world to see.

Forgiveness in the Hatred Zone

I hope my pain turn into smiles upon the lips that gave me pain…

I hope my tears turn into sweet dreams in the imagination that made me cry…

I wish my depression turn into hope in the heart that molted me in depression…

I wish my hell turns into the rain of heavens and quenches the thirst of the deserts that gave fire to my hell…

I hope my loneliness turn into freedom upon the wings that set me in prison…

I wish a rose bloom upon the hands that buried me.

I hope he finds his shore, he who left me shipwrecked and lost…

“Death, love, and art are respectively the soul, the body, and the intellect of life.”

What Does It Feel Like To Die? -TestTube

One of the most intriguing questions that everyone might have asked at some point in his/her life, is what happens at the moment of death and after? If you would have asked me this question two years ago, I would have replied that, as a believer, we will go into afterlife to be judged, and you know the whole story… However, after I became a secular person, I started reasoning with scientific explanations.

Few days ago, I came across this video from TestTube that shows what happens at the moment of death biologically. So the presenter starts explaining that biologically and legally, death is when the brain is dies and starts taking everything in the body with it.

Interestingly, at the moment of death there is a massive burst of energy in the brain (near death experiences?). Following that, the brain sends a damaging signal to the heart, causing it to disfunction. Later, a wide range of neurochemicals are released in the body.

Watch the video below, and let me know what you think about death, near death experiences, and afterlife 🙂

All World’s Earthquakes In One Video

Whenever someone says the word “earthquake”, the first things that comes to our mind is catastrophes, destruction, and disasters. However, 422 South, a visual effects company based in the UK, released a mesmerising video showing all earthquakes that had happened since year 2000.

Interestingly, each earthquake is represented by a dot, and it will stay on the map. So eventually, you can see the areas that have frequent earthquakes compared to other locations.

Check out the video below:

Endless Forms Most Beautiful Album Review

Endless Forms Most beautiful album cover

As a Nightwish fan, I was looking forward to the first album with new vocalist Floor Jansen, “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”. In fact, I have attended their concert in Lebanon two years ago, and was amazed by the talents of Floor Jansen, and this is why everyone was waiting for the new album.

“Endless Forms Most Beautiful” is not only a transition album with a new vocalist, but also a transition in the music, lyrics, and general atmosphere and feeling of the music. It offers a new style of poetry and bombastic music that took advantage of scientific inspiration and transformed it into beauty about nature and appreciation of evolution and how the universe works.

Definitely, like any other Nightwish album, the topic is more deep than the title or the lyrics. It holds several depths of general and personal meaning for Tuomas Holopainen, the writer of the songs. After listening to the album few times, you can clearly see how things get emotional at some point, and it is not difficult to guess to whom the words are directed against. Having said so, still the lyrics might have a completely different interpretation of the original writer.

The album starts with “Shudder Before The Beautiful” which has Richard Dawkins as a guest speaking in the beginning. The song reminds me of Nightwish old songs like “Ghost Love Score” or “Chest of Wonders”, where the bombastic start is followed by a more quiet transition and the finale. And let us not forget, the song mentions Oceanborn at some point, so is it a reference to the album “Oceanborn” or just an old Nightwish song?

Second in the album is “Weak Fantasy”. Well, this song can be first explained at how sometimes religious people start believing blindly in their religions and do not see the complete truth. Religion and God are not about torture, sins, fear, or hate. God is loving and caring, this is if we agree on the existence of God. Another interpretation can be personal for Tuomas, and refers to personal experience.

“Elan”, that was the first single to be released, comes to tell us about letting go of all worries and hardships we had in our lives. It talks about the free fall and giving up for the moment and experiencing something we never dared to do before.

After “Elan” we arrive to “Yours Is An Empty Hope”, which ignited many debates and fueled the excitement of many die-hard fans. Floor Jansen growls and shows a wide range of vocals. Honestly, the song reminds me of “Wish I Had An Angel”. Reminding someone of how heavens is, and all the things they could have received. This song is a very personal song, and this is why Tuomas left it open for interpretations. I won’t say what my opinion of the song is, because I took it very personal (excuse me for this).

“Our Decades In The Sun” is a powerful emotional song about the parents and it really touches the smoothest places in your heart. Then we have “The Walden”, another mature song from Nightwish about life and dreams and the feeling of achieving something in one’s life.

“Endless Forms Most Beautiful” takes us on a long journey about life, evolution, universe. It has the general theme of the album and summarizes quite few of the important faces of the new music of Nightwish.

Then, “Edema Ruh” and “Alpenglow”, two of my top favorite songs of this album. I really liked the music of “Edema Ruh” and the general meaning of the song. It speaks for itself. Tuomas does know how to touch those deep feelings in your soul. Similarly, “Alpenglow” offers a nice ride into how the band sees itself roaming in this world, spreading their music all over the world, and behind all mountains.

Inspired by the National Geographic cover of Sharbat Gula’s piercing eyes, “The Eyes Of Sharbat Gula” delivers a nice and emotional melody about the suffering in the world. Because it was difficult to describe all this in words, Tuomas decided to keep it as music only. Still it is highly expressive of its true meaning.

And to end all of this, “The Greatest Show On Earth” ends an epic album with a grand finale (these songs are getting longer from one album to the other?). Take a ride through the history of our universe, and our beloved planet Earth. This is a proper finale for such an album!

Definitely this is one of the best albums by Nightwish! To be honest, I got hooked on all the songs of the album since the first time I listened to it. You can clearly see how the band matured and the amount of work they did in making it something so beautiful and attractive.

This is my humble opinion about the music, and as I said several times before, the lyrics are open to different interpretations and explanations. Isn’t this what we all love about Nightwish.

Happy listening metalheads!