Full explanation of Blue Eyes by Within Temptation (Afghani Girl and Islam)

Among all the bands I usually listen to, Within Temptation has been a favorite.

They have true music and the band spends a lot of time working for a single album, from the lyrics to the music and the cover pictures.

In a previous post, I mentioned that the members of the band are pagans. For all those who are not familiar with pagans, or with stereotypes against pagans, I have to clarify that paganism is not devil worshipping. Pagans consider nature as their mother, their God. And this is very clear from Within Temptation’s first albums “Mother Earth” with very paganism-obvious songs as “Ice Queen” and “Never Ending Story”.

Today, I will not be writing about their believes or principles. Instead, I want to shed light on a curios song for them. Its name is “Blue Eyes”.

Here are the lyrics for the song:

“Blue eyes just smile to the world
Full of dreams and with fascination
Too soon she saw that her hands were chained and pulled without any freedom
It’s always the same, the fear no way out
I cannot break it
I can take it no more

It’s burning me up inside
Lost all my tears, can’t cry
No reason, no meaning
Just hatred
No matter how hard I try
You fear the beast inside
It’s growing, it’s waiting
Just to hurt you

This heart was hurt by the light and
I see your world that tries to deny us
Now everything that I love has died or has been shattered to pieces
It’s always the same, they fear no way out
I cannot break it
I can take it no more

It’s burning me up inside
Lost all my tears, can’t cry
No reason, no meaning
Just hatred
No matter how hard I try
You fear the beast inside
It’s growing, it’s waiting
Just to hurt you

Just to hurt you
Just to hurt you

Can’t you see their eyes, what lies inside
They’ve given up, they no longer shine
Too soon they close with one last cry
Before they turn to white

Just to hurt you

It’s burning me up inside
Lost all my tears, can’t cry
No reason, no meaning
Just hatred
No matter how hard I try
You fear the beast inside
It’s growing, it’s waiting
Just to hurt you

Just to hurt you.”

For the first time you read the lyrics, you will assume that the song is about love, peace, pain, and innocence.

But what if I tell you that there is a “sheikh” chanting an Islamic quote in the beginning. Does it make any sense to you? No! It does not.

Now let’s try to find out the true meaning of the song.

As a first step, I want you to look at the below image.

Actually, this is the picture for an Afghani girl in 1984 captured by the photograoher Steve McCurry and it made it to National Geographic’s cover picture. The picture summarizes all the pain, hope, and despair that people suffered during the war between the Russians and Talban in Afghanistan.

The girl has blue eyes, doesn’t she?

So now go back to the song and try to join all the points together. Does it make sense now?

The song talks about her life, and all the pain she had passed through. It also tackles the fears that the muslim extremists have from women. How they perceive women as lower creatures and beasts that should be always tamed and kept in captivity.

“No reason, no meaning
Just hatred
No matter how hard I try
You fear the beast inside
It’s growing, it’s waiting
Just to hurt you”

Do you want to see how the girl looks now? Here is another recent picture for her!

Finally, I want to share with you another picture that I came across on Facebook last few days ago. It also tells how the situation is in Afghanistan after the extremists have ruled.


I guess it is self-explanatory.

In the end, I believe each religion has its own dark ages. Will Islam’s dark ages take us to the end of everything?

Only time will show.


Time Magazine’s Pistorius Cover

This week’s Time magazine has one of those striking cover images that bears all the hallmarks of being one that will live on for years to come.

Though “Man. Superman. Gunman” refers, quite obviously, to Oscar Pistoriusthe very lengthy article considers the wider topic of South Africa‘s culture of violence

The magazine’s Africa bureau chief, Alex Perry, takes an in-depth look at the country’s complicated history with race relations, inequality and violence.

It also happens to be Time’s 90th anniversary: it was launched on 3 March 1923. Joel Stein wishes the magazine a, sort of, happy birthday here.

Google Earth Is Key To Revealing North Korea’s Prison Camp System

Earlier this month Google executive Eric Schmidt embarked on a journey to North Korea, one of the world’s most secretive and Internet-restrictive countries.

While the U.S. State Department publicly criticized Schmidt’s timing and intentions, human rights activists have seen the visit as a reminder of something significant. As Irish outlet RTE News reports, many believe that Google Earth is invaluable in revealing evidence of North Korea’s system of prison and labor camps, which are said to number in the dozens.

Human rights groups estimate that upwards of 250,000 political prisoners suffer through starvation and intense manual labor in these camps, with blogs like One Free Korea compiling everything we know about these locations. Managed by Washington lawyer and North Korea activist Joshua Stanton, the blog details six prison camps — three of which Stanton uncovered. One of these camps is Camp 22, which can be seen on Google Maps below.


The satellite images provide an idea of what the camps look like from above, though the atrocities allegedly committed there are hard for the imagination to comprehend. The blog notes that upwards of 50,000 men, women and children are housed in Camp 22, a place where prisoners are forced to stone each other to death, women are frequently raped by prison guards and between 1,500 and 2,000 people — many of them children — die from malnutrition or starvation every year.

Many families are forced into these camps because they are “guilty by association”, with some seeing three generations of their lineage live and die within the walls, most of them punished for a crime committed long ago.

Stanton has even found camps by accident, as he did in 2007 when he discovered Camp 16 while using Google Earth to snoop around North Korea. Stanton says that upwards of 10,000 men, women and children are imprisoned in Camp 16, which is a massive complex that measures 18 miles by 16 miles.


A U.S. non-governmental organization named the Committee for Human Rights in North Korea unveiled some of these camps in a 2003 book titled “The Hidden Gulag.” An updated version of “The Hidden Gulag” was released in 2012, with one section acknowledging the importance of Google Earth in bringing more of the network of North Korean labor camps to light. “The dramatically improved, higher resolution satellite imagery now available through Google Earth allows the former prisoners to identify their former barracks and houses, their former execution grounds, and other landmarks in the camps,” the study notes.

Google Earth has also allowed activists and users to see the more “ordinary” side of life in the country. At the blog NK Econ Watch, economist Curtis Melvin details not only the prison camps in North Korea, but facilities of every day life such as schools, factories or train stations as seen on Google Earth. On Sunday, Melvin wrote about a mosque within the countries capital city of Pyongyang.

mosqueWriting about Google Earth after Schmidt’s trip, Timothy Stanley, a U.S. historian and blogger at Telegraph, argues that “the project demonstrates how hard it’s becoming for governments to keep secrets from the rest of the world … the more that North Korea accepts the need to open up then the more the light shines on this abominable regime.”

1,000 Catholic Priests In England Sign Open Letter Railing Against Gay Marriage Proposal

More than 1,000 Catholic priests in England recently signed an open letter warning that proposed gay marriage legislation could reignite “centuries of persecution” for Roman Catholics.
The proposed legislation would allow churches in England and Wales to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies. U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron has backed the gay marriage proposal and has pledged to legalize gay marriage by 2015.
The open letter warns that freedom of religion will become “severely” limited, traditional marriage will be upended and Catholics will be discriminated against if the proposal passes. The letter was signed by 1,054 priests, along with more than a dozen “senior Catholic figures,” reports the Telegraph.
“We believe that redefining marriage to include same-sex relationships will entail a dilution in the meaning of marriage for everyone by excluding the fundamental complementarity of men and women from the social and legal definition of marriage,” the Church said in a statement obtained by the BBC. The Church also said its opposition is “motivated by a concern for the good of all in society,” according to the BBC.
“After centuries of persecution, Catholics have, in recent times, been able to be members of the professions and participate fully in the life of this country,” reads the letter. “Legislation for same sex marriage, should it be enacted, will have many legal consequences, severely restricting the ability of Catholics to teach the truth about marriage in their schools, charitable institutions or places of worship.”
Catholics in Britain and Ireland were targets of oppressive regulations until the Catholic Emancipation in 1892, a process that alleviated 16th-century restrictions put in place by the Protestant Reformation. Before the restrictions were relaxed, discriminatory laws had prevented Catholics from purchasing land, holding office in Parliament or practicing their religion without penalties.
The Bishop of Portsmouth, Rt. Rev. Philip Egan, expressed his personal worries to the Telegraph.
“It is quite Orwellian to try to redefine marriage,” he said. “I am very anxious that when we are preaching in Church or teaching in our Catholic Schools or witnessing to the Christian faith of what marriage is that we are not going to be able to do it – that we could be arrested for being bigots or homophobes.”
“Such a thing could even prevent faithful Catholics from certain jobs,” claims a post on Catholic Online, a religious news aggregator and blogging platform. “Other Catholics might have to participate in gay marriages as part of their daily duties, such as signing certificates, for example. Ultimately, the proposed change in law makes no exception for Catholics and others who believe as a matter of faith that such deeds are anathema.”

Tax Protester Leaves Ridiculous Note Instead Of Tip; Waiter Would Have Preferred Cash (PHOTO)


Now presenting, the world’s worst excuse for not tipping.

This week, Redditor nickshambo posted a picture of the note he said a customer left his friend instead of a tip. Printed on paper and clearly pre-planned, the note claims that President Obama’s tax rates have made him unable to tip, or something:

“As a direct result of Proposition 30 and President Obama’s insistence that I pay “MY FAIR SHARE IN TAXES” I find that I must cut back on discretionary spending and gratuities. I wish it didn’t have to be this way for both of us.”

It is unclear whether the post originated on Reddit, or was from author Michael Kindt, who posted the same picture on his blog this week.

Gawker points out that the poster and note-leaver is probably from California, due to its reference of Proposition 30, the name of a California ballot measure that will raise income taxes on upper-tax brackets while also temporarily increasing sales tax to fund K-12 schools, community colleges and state universities.

Either way, it’s not really the waiter’s problem, but the lack of a tip certainly is. Things like this have happened before though. Perhaps you remember the receipt for a $138.35 meal, in which the customer simply wrote “single mom sorry” along the tip line (that was also posted to Reddit, last November).


Pentagon bans Towleroad, AMERICAblog sites for being “LGBT.” Coulter, Limbaugh ok.

It’s bad enough the United States Department of Defense censors Towleroad and AMERICAblog – banning the gay civil rights Web sites from being accessed on DOD computers – and it’s even worse that the Pentagon has no problem permitting their computers to access Ann Coulter’s and Rush Limbaugh’s hate-filled Web sites.

But what’s really offensive is that at least one of the Pentagon’s safe-surfing Internet filters has a censorship category called “LGBT.” And if you’re deemed “LGBT” by the Pentagon, they ban you.


I wonder if the Pentagon has a censorship category titled “Jewish,” “African-American,” or “Latino.”

The LGBT filter existed before the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, but still has not been fixed. And the Pentagon was notified of the problem as early as last summer, 2012. Yet no one’s gotten around to doing anything about it. I’m also told that the censorship varies depending on service and geographical region – it’s not entirely clear why the Pentagon doesn’t use the same bans/filters nationwide and agency-wide, if it’s going to censor the Internet at all. This problem has to be fixed Pentagon-wide.

AMERICAblog, was previously banned for being “LGBT,” but now it is only banned at least by the Air Force, for being “political” and “activist.” The Air Force is banning the Web site for being “political” while permitting other Republican “political” Web sites. Daily Kos is banned as well. Anyone else smelling a Big Brother constitutional problem with that?

I had a few different contacts try accessing a variety of sites on DOD computers, in order to confirm this, including Zeke Stokes, communications director for OutServe-SLDN, who confirmed via one of their military members. Note what they found.




Now look at who is not banned!!



Again, I wonder how long the Pentagon computers would ban all things Jewish or Catholic. This should have been fixed a very long time ago, and in fact, it should never have happened. The filter actually says that Towleroad and Josh Seefried were banned for being “LGBT.”


Florida’s Long Lines On Election Day Discouraged 49,000 People From Voting

Florida took center stage in the 2012 elections, when voters around the state had to wait in line at the polls for up to nine hours. Gov. Rick Scott (R) initially denied that there was any problem, saying it was “very good” that people were getting out to vote.

But a new study shows that tens of thousands of people were actually discouraged from voting because of the long lines.

According to an analysis by Theodore Allen, an associate professor of industrial engineering at Ohio State University, as many as 49,000 individuals in Central Florida did not vote because of the problems at the polls.

About 19,000 of those people would have backed former GOP nominee Mitt Romney, while the rest would have gone for President Barack Obama, according to Allen.

The Orlando Sentinel, which published the results of Allen’s research, notes that those findings suggest “that Obama’s margin over Romney in Florida could have been roughly 11,000 votes higher than it was, based just on Central Florida results. Obama carried the state by 74,309 votes out of more than 8.4 million cast.”

Since the elections, Scott has admitted that his state still has its share of electoral problems. In a December interview with CNN, Scott said “we’ve got to restore confidence in our elections,” pointing to three issues: the length of ballots, size of polling places and the number of days for early voting.

Indeed, Allen’s research also found that the long ballots that confronted many Florida voters led to longer lines, which resulted in suppressing turnout. Black and Hispanic voters were disproportionately disenfranchised.

The GOP-controlled legislature reduced the number of days available for early voting from 14 to eight for the 2012 elections, meaning voters were trying to cast their ballots in a shorter window, which resulted in longer lines.

Scott refused to extend early voting hours even as problems at the polls gained more attention. Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, who was a Republican while in office but is now a Democrat,- called his position “indefensible.”

Democratic state lawmakers in Florida have introduced legislation to address the long lines and expand early voting hours. There have also been several efforts at the federal level, and Obama has said it is imperative to “fix” problems at the polls.