It is time for a come back!

I do not remember the last time I wrote a post for my blog. So many things changed. I moved to a new country, and everything has changed since then.

Personally, I believe Germany is one of the best countries in Europe, and this is one of the reasons that made me come to do my doctoral studies at the Max Planck Institute in Freiburg.

Last year, my new lifeĀ started at the guesthouse of the institute, where I had the chance to meet new people from all over the world. We shared breakfasts, dinners, and late night chats. Maybe I will tell you more about them in the future.

And later came the serious issues of finding an apartment, fixing my VISA papers, working in the lab, networking with the new colleagues, and basically starting from the zero again.

So many things happened, so many things changed, and so many things were lost. My first year in Freiburg has been a life changing year. Now that I look back at it, I can’t be but grateful for all the chances that it gave me, and all the lessons I’ve learnt.

I am sure more will come in the future.


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