This Is Why I Am Not Religious

My parents are religious. My sister is religious. My brother is religious.

I am not.

The issue of religions has been over discussed in every corner of the Earth, but I am not here to brag about my religious views or beliefs.

Simply, I think religious rituals are very stupid. Inoticed that when I was with my family visiting the tomb of some Durzi religious prophet-like man.
For sure I do respect religious people,  but what should I get when I see them kissing stones and kneeling for forgiveness from the remains of a dead man.

I cannot tell about religious people from outside Lebanon because I have never met any (and media is not the best option in case you wanna check such things), but lebanese people are very good in abusing whatsoever resources they have.  They simply advise everything,  even the air we breathe. So some lebanese religious people see only the message and not the person to whom the message is being sent.

Prophets are messengers.  Miracles are signs. God is the destination.
It does not matter what path you decide to take, but the divine is the ultimate level we can reach. So based on what I have mentioned before,  religious people have forgotten the importance of the divine, and followed the materials of the path. Good is no more worshiped. The path is being worshiped. The songs are being kissed and touched.

Consequently,  humans do not need God anymore, they can live without Him. However,  they cannot live without religions, without shepherds.

Does my family fear God? Or does it fear religion itself? What other religious people fear?
As long as religions are feared, rituals are worshiped blindly, humankind cannot descend into a higher spiritual level. This is not the right way to get close to the divine. Obsessions with the promised heavens drive people into such things.

I am not an atheist.  I do believe in the divine, in God.  But I do not believe in religions, in particular,  religious leaders taking advantage of people.

Here are some pics of the religious site that we have visisted last day.





How to Lead a Stress-Free Life

Well, it seems like it has been ages since I have posted anything on my blog :/
Actually I miss blogging, but I have been very busy lately. A lot of things to finish in a short period of time, and living in stress all the time. Consequently, I decided to blog today about living a stress-free life where you can throw away all worries and clutters.
I will present to you some strategies and techniques that will help you get over each source of stress you have in your daily life.  As they say, it is all in our hands, so that’s why I am telling you that no spas or relaxation centres can help you relieve your stress as much as you can help yourself when you decide to. Follow these quick and easy steps to lead a life full of happiness, without any stress or worries.

Do One Thing Only: Multitasking is what people describe their daily life without thinking about it for a second. The term “multitasking” was used commonly after the technological revolution that the world is witnessing, and what humans did is incorporating this term into their lives without considering the differences between them and machines. Thus, the first step to relieve stress is to do one thing at a time. Do it happily. Enjoy every second while you are doing it, and when you are done, move on to the second task. Multitasking results in loss of focus, improper quality of work, and physical and mental fatigue.  
Remove Competition Stress: Every day, we compete with all people surrounding us to make sure we are the smarter, richer, or sexier. We compete with colleagues at work to get promotions, we compete with our siblings to be our parents’ favourites, and we compete with our partners so that they stay hanged on and don’t leave us behind. This is all because of fear. Fear of insecurity, failure, being left behind, future, etc. So why do you want to create all this mess in your life. Just stay calm and take control of everything you do. This way you’ll stand your ground and shine in your work and society.  

Do Necessary Activities Only: We love to jam our schedules with unnecessary activities and programs that will consume our time without benefits or being finished. Limit your activities to all that give you pleasure and happiness, and forget about the rest. Don’t overbook yourself. Just take all the tasks that make you feel better and joyful.  

Affection in your relationships: Affection and intimacy are the key ingredients of a successful relationship. So do you want to spend your life away from your partner? Go back home early today, invite them out, and bring them presents. A gentle kiss, a nice hug will erase all the times of stress and worries. Believe me, affection can bring you closer to your partner more than words can do.  

Never be Embarrassed of Failing: Unfortunately, we spend our lives trying to be successful in everything we do. So my advice for you is: don’t take failure personally. Look at all the successful people in the world, do you know how many times they failed before reaching the peak? Take all these stories as examples for what you might have to pass through to achieve your dreams.  

I hope these few strategies may help you reduce the stress you live in every day at work and home. I will try to have a sequel for this post with new strategies and techniques.

Until then, enjoy every moment in your life and feel the happiness and gratitude.  

Blessed Be )O(