Super Moon, as seen by National Geographic

As the most of you know, last week, our lunar neighbor made the closest approach to our planet Earth, and resulted in the phenomenon called “Super Moon“.

last Sunday, the moon appeared 8% larger and 17% brighter than the usual.

Interestingly, National Geographic launched a special section in their “Your Shots” page online so that photographers and amateurs can send their pictures of the super moon.

Here are some of the very interesting uploaded pictures.

more-supermoon-your-shot-pictures-2013-clouds_68790_600x450 more-supermoon-your-shot-pictures-2013-crab_68791_600x450 more-supermoon-your-shot-pictures-2013-tower_68792_600x450 your-supermoon-pictures-2013-bursa-ferris-wheel_68734_600x450 your-supermoon-pictures-2013-close-up_68735_600x450 your-supermoon-pictures-2013-corfu-fortress-greece_68736_600x450 your-supermoon-pictures-2013-cornwall-england_68737_600x450 your-supermoon-pictures-2013-greece_68738_600x450 your-supermoon-pictures-2013-mt-blanc-switzerland_68739_600x450 your-supermoon-pictures-2013-page-arizona_68740_600x450

Hope you liked the pictures 🙂

Remember you can still submit your Super Moon pictures to national geographic here. (with the hashtag #supermoon)

Blessed be



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