Latest Siri vs Google Now Comic

So it not new the battle between Apple and Google.

This time, the debate is over Apple’s digital assistant, and maybe the best out there, Siri, and Google Now, produced by the gigantic Google.


The guys behind “The Joy of Tech“, who always entertain us with hilarious comic strips, presented a new funny comic after Google Now came face to afce with Siri on iOS devices.

The comic strip is very simply, but entertainingly beautiful. The first part, out of four, shows Siri telling the user that he should take an umbrella with him, while Google Now is instructing him not to since it will not rain today. In the end, the man leaves the house without an umbrella, after following Google Now’s advice.


The result, the man baking in the heat of the sun, and Siri taking advantage of this situation to gloat!

This comic underscores the fact that many people use both apps and receive contradictory information. Yet, most people prefer to use one of the apps more frequently. Very few people ask both apps and comapre between the information they provide.

So which app do you use, and how frequently?


One thought on “Latest Siri vs Google Now Comic

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