Facebook Home Interface

In an unexpected step, Facebook decided to enter the world of operating systems and compete with Android.

Facebook home is the new operating system developed by Facebook that integrates several features of Facebook with the home screen of mobile phones.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, “Our phones are designed around apps and not people. We want to flip that around.”

So the new interface allows you to swipe through photos and status updates of your circle of friends. Besides, messaging has a new interface with Chat Heads, which is basically a group of icons with profile pictures that pop up whenever you are using Facebook messages.

To start solidifying its place in the smartphones market, the smartphones company HTC and the wireless carrier AT&T revealed the new smartphone HTC First, that already has the new interface integrated and optimized for users. 

Finally, for all those of you who are excited for Facebook Home, the new interface will be availble for Android after starting April 12. Supporting devices include HTC One, Samsung Galaxy Note II, and Galaxy S3 and S4.

Now who is excited for the new interface in town?


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