Why you like Lady Gaga: Psychological Interpretation


If you don’t know why you like Lady Gaga, that makes one of us! Because I know everything and I’m gonna tell you why!

For starters, all Little Monsters identify with her, with her person, her randomness, her fashion, her style, her eccentricity, her creativity, her androgenic prototype as an icon, her theatricality, which is all a full creation that has been meticulously studied and applied on the pop image that is Gaga by a hard-working factory-like team. And most fans are unaware of that identity reason. They wanna be her! This is like the incarnation of all their fantasies.

But most importantly, you identify with her music! No need to say that, the fact that for decades no one in pop music has made songs with actual meaning that is subtly transmitted to masses through both lyrics and imagery, is a reason enough to love Lady Gaga, who has sort of unleashed the Renaissance of pop and showbiz in the music industry.

So what counts here is not only the catchy melodies and beats that have been created for her hits by particular producers – and by her of course – but also the meaning behind them and how millions of fans can relate to them in a way that they created a fan base that is as sacred as a religion.

So let’s study the Anatomy of her discography, and that shall be in a chronological order:

1. The Fame

The Fame needed to sell. People want to dance. The strategy of the Haus of Gaga was to make people like Gaga at first so she could express her artistic statements in the albums that follow. That’s why Just Dance, Poker Face, Lovegame and Paparazzi are rather classical pop records with the usual sex and party messages along with love songs. But for sure, they wouldn’t have all hit number 1 if they weren’t very well written and produced.

People liked her stuff because she talked about recurrent themes in pop music but in a very straightforward way. It’s like she sang about all the things that should be said while people were silent about them the entire time. Just like a big sneeze. But, that wasn’t all, Gaga had more to say.

2. The Fame Monster

One time she caught the world’s attention, she surprised us with a fabulous transformation in her style for this album that made her the most talked about person on the planet.

Gaga has already said that each one of the 8 tracks on the EP talks about a certain monster, a certain insecurity, a certain fear. And those fears were tackled very smartly.

Now, in my opinion, the biggest reason for people loving Gaga is that she sings for the ugly ducklings and Achilles’ heels of destiny and life. Most Gaga fans – if not all of them – feel somewhere inside of them, on a constant subconscious or conscious basis, like they are the downtrodden part – even the embarrassment – of humanity, which made them full of insecurities, fears, darkness and obsessions of all kinds (Fitting in problems, lack of self-love, motivation issues, sexuality issues, identity problems, family drama, social integration difficulties, immigration problems, love problems, being haunted by the past, appearance and race problems, etc.). So now you get why so many people love Gaga, because tons of people feel like that! And she is the messenger that speaks in their tongues, honoring their wounds with anthemic chants, for the whole world to hear!

This being said, it becomes easier to understand that “Telephone” for example is about trying constantly to hang up on your obsessions or bad thoughts that haunt you constantly, or that “Alejandro” could mean the same thing, or that simply it’s about reluctantly rejecting the love of people whom you actually love because either that you’ve hurt them or that you don’t love yourself enough.

Also, “So Happy I Could Die” could be a statement about feeling sad in the rave because of multiple insecurities. And “Bad Romance” is the biggest Manifesto where Gaga tells you to embrace and love the dark side of yourself with all its revenge in order to accept yourself as the overarching part of destiny.

3. Born This Way

The lead single is a big anthem of self-acceptance and self-rejoice, no doubt about that. “Judas” however, is a revamp of “Bad Romance” in the sense that the biblical metaphor serves for the same means: Embrace the distorted part of you that keeps betraying you, because you are part of God’s plan.

Here ya go! I recognize you must already know lots of the info mentioned here, but I bet you just needed someone to put it all together. Hope it makes sense!

And try to think why people hate Gaga. Then let us know!

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