Apple’s “Get Stuff Done” Promotion On Mac App Store


We are almost into the end of the first month of the year, and if you are like me, every year you set out to be more productive than the year before, ending needless hours of watching useless online content. Apple is making it just a little bit easier to stick to the promise that you have made to yourself by offering some of the most popular productivity apps on the Mac App Store at a discounted rate in a promotional series known as Get Stuff Done.

New discounted Apps will be made available every week, under the categories of “Prioritize”, “Organize” and “Utilize”. This week, Apple is focusing on the first category, offering certain To-Do apps for way less than they would generally be sold for, some as much as 50% off. Many well-known apps are on offer, namely Things 2 (available for $24.99), Todo (for $6.99), Due ($4.99), The Hit List ($24.99), BreakTime ($2.99), TaskPaper ($11.99), 2Do ($14.99) and Clear ($6.99).

One of my favorites is Things 2, which available for 20% off. It is an advanced
to-do app that allows for the detailed organization and prioritization of tasks.
For users that need to write their tasks down before going ahead with them,
Things 2 makes it really easy for you clear your head and get on with work. If
prioritizing tasks is not your thing, BreakTime allows you to prioritize your
breaks, ensuring that they are timed, and timely, in order to stop you from
deviating from that 10-minute break and spending the following two hours
browsing around YouTube.

If you are looking for a bargain on an app and have always had the feeling you’ve been spending more time at the computer than you need to, this is the best time to snap up a good deal. Maybe the few minutes you will spend downloading a good productivity apps will save countless hours of lost productivity.

Yet again, shouldn’t you be working? Right now?


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