PopCrush is not the exclusive reference in pop culture statistics, sure. But we decided to talk about its polls because it’s the most popular repertoire nowadays and you gotta admit that its info is somehow giving an idea of the latest trending topics in the modern pop world.

PopCrush has made a list of the most anticipated albums for 2013 by default and asked the readers to vote for the album they’re waiting the most to hear for another year of world-changing music. The poll takes place on their site, and it’s constantly updating till the final results come out on Jan. 15, 2013 at 11:59PM ET.

These are the results on Jan. 11, 2013 at 6:00PM ET (TBA stands for To be Announced):




You cannot deny that 2013 is the year of the comebacks: Backstreet boys, Beyoncé, Jonas Brothers, Mariah Carey, Miley Cyrus and Paramore are all making comeback albums! Could we get more excited?!


Not to forget that the great JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE is gonna add new records to his psych discography early this year!


Selena Gomez said earlier that she was going to give music a rest in 2012 and that she will focus on filming movies… but hey, seems you were busy recording all 2012 to charm us soon with your heart-throbbing tracks!


Concerning boy bands, not only The Backstreet Boys and The Jonas Bothers will melt our hearts, but The Wanted are gonna take our breath away with their album ‘Third Strike’. Let’s hope this is a good strike, this is the one, or else they might put out a ‘Fourth Strike’ record.


Speaking of taking our breath away, the Biebs is working on a Believe acoustic album! This might not conquer the charts, but you gotta have faith in the beliebers’ ratchetness.


Just one thought on ASAP Rocky. No offence but who the hell is ASAP Rocky?

*No picture*

Let’s get back to rappers: Nicki Minaj’s new shit will be called ‘Pink Friday: The Pinkprint’. I love you Nicki but why? My biggest fear is that if you have a baby you’d be like ‘Pink Friday: The Pink Baby’ or if you have a very very long career, when you’re elderly you’d be like ‘Pink Friday: Diaper Reloaded – The Clean Up’. Just talk to me sis. But seriously though I can’t wait to twerk on your new verses.


Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are both working with the famous Zedd on their albums. I’m surprised PopCrush hasn’t put a name for Katy’s, the name’s Darkest Nights. Let’s see what Zedd can work out, if it turns out to be dope then 2013 might as well be Zedd’s year. But seriously though, Mother Monster has been teasing the hell out of all of us and she’s pushing forward the release date more and more, her silence about it is just killing us! Please Katy and Gaga we wanna dance!


We’re excited too that the three musketeers are releasing new jams, that is Jay-Z, Beyonce and Kanye West (Sorry Kim, but you don’t sing! Maybe you should try it at some point). Will the iconic couple’s work allow them to afford some diapers for Blue Ivy for a few years? Will Kanye be inspired by his future parenthood with the fiercest Kardashian? Totally JK! Or should I say KK?

Oh and it’s been recently announced that Destiny’s Child will reunite for an LP! Will this be Beyoncé’s comeback?


Finally just to talk a little about the statistics:

–          I’m surprised that no one has voted for the Backstreet Boys or The Wanted! Zero percent for The Wanted? Really? What do people listen to.

–          Other albums surprisingly not much expected: Nicki Minaj’s, Katy Perry’s.

–          Justin Bieber’s result is kinda expected – not over the top but still up high.

–          Britney’s and Gaga’s keep switching the title for the Most Anticipated Album. They’re the top two and everyone else is far behind. Way to work Little Monsters and Britney Army!

That’s all!

And to be clear, the polls in other media are quite the same. For now, go vote and we can’t wait to see who will be the winner!


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