5 Exceptional Ways To Be A Good Friend

1. Talk On The Phone

Smartphones still have a telephone in it somewhere. When everyone expects you to text, “sup,” surprise them instead with an audible “Hello.” Your friends may not know what to do at first, but more often than not, the sound of your voice will be a welcome surprise.

2. Don’t Give Advice

When a friend asks you if she should dump Johnny for his twin brother, don’t start out by saying “No, that’s a terrible idea.” Instead, ask questions like, “Why do you think you want to do this?” No one wants to be told what to do, especially when the solution is obvious. Friends don’t boss each other, they guide.

3. Be Tough

When a friend asks you to read the manuscript he wrote, cover it in red ink. Challenge him so he knows you’re on his side, and that you believe he can do better. Sometimes the best gift is showing someone he is worth more than he thinks.


4. Obligate Them To Show Up

We don’t want to manipulate our friends, but we do want to feel appreciated. Whether it’s a milestone celebration (like a job promotion), a recital or a call for help, friends spend money on the extra gas to be there. Plus, showing your friends that their presence matters is ultimate compliment.

5. Send A Handwritten Letter In The Mail

This rarely ever happens. Sending a piece of parchment with your own handwriting on it will warm your friend’s heart. There’s simply more soul in a handwritten letter than in an e-card or Facebook message. The memory of opening it will last a long time.


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