Anita Papas, The Positive You!, The Positive Us! and Go For It!

It was there: A red sparkling book with a nice smiling face on it. I couldn’t but approach it, and the moment I did, I wasn’t able to let it go.

The Positive You! Bring out the best in you and the best out of life.

“The Positive You” is the first out of three (so far) self-help books written by the Lebanese Armenian clinical psychologist, Anita Papas. I can’t but be extremely be proud to introduce you briefly to Anita Papas, for I am Lebanese and Armenian as well.

Anita Papas, born Der-Torossian, is a clinical psychologist whose hunger for knowledge was evident at an early age. She was devoted to psychology and was an honors student throughout her college years at Haigazian University. Her dream to become a clinical psychologist had to be put on hold temporarily when, in 1994, she got married. In 2002, she decided to go back to college to study for her Master’s degree. She graduated in 2005 from Haigazian University and has been practicing psychology ever since, proving to us that everything is possible when we are passionate enough and eager to fulfill our dreams.

She wrote her first book “The Positive You!” and published it on March 2009, and following a huge success, she published her second book “The Positive Us!” on March 2010. Both books ranked among the top five best sellers in Lebanese libraries, with “The Positive You!” reprinted 5 times and translated to Arabic. “Go For It!” was published this year, and it was an honor for me to attend the launching event at Librairie Antoine, ABC Ashrafieh on the 17TH of November, 2012.

“The Positive You!” is about your relationship with yourself, your individuality, your attitude, strengths, as well as fears, worries and even disappointments. It reveals how fragile you are as a human being and yet how powerful you can be. With its simple approach, rich quotations, real life cases and humor, it makes you realize how strong your mind is and it’s your attitude which dictates whether you see the good or the bad in your life and that you are in control and no one else.

“The Positive Us!” is about our most precious and challenging venture in life: our relationships. It addresses core issues whether with our best friends, significant other, family or work colleagues. It captures the beauty, rewards and promises of our personal relationships, all the while acknowledging their fears, worries and uncertainties.

As for the third book, which is the reason I wrote this post today, Anita takes her writings to a whole new perspective. Being positive is not enough, she says, thus, she focus on motivating her readers to take a first step towards their dreams and GO FOR IT!

“Go For It!” is about your dreams, passions, goals and purpose in life. It is about taking control of your life, believing in yourself, and pursuing your dreams no matter how many obstacles you may face along the way. It makes you realize that you can actually live the life you wish for. It tells you that success does not come in shortcuts but true victory is there for those who go all the way. It reminds you that deep within you, you know what you truly want and you have the answers, but all you need is the strength, courage and determination to make your dreams happen! This book will empower you, give you a push and make you truly go for it!

In a society like ours, where people lack motivation and self-confidence, “Go For It!” is considered a necessity. Every line of every page of this book lifts you up and boosts your hopes; you actually feel like putting all your dreams into action! Anita focuses on four main issues, motivation, passion and dreams, hurdles and obstacles, and finally the fear of failure. She gives real-life examples based on her experience as a clinical psychologist to illustrate how certain cases where able to achieve their goals, not by waiting for the right chance, but by creating it. Motivation is the strongest force that drives success, and passion is its source. Be passionate in everything you do, says Anita. “The passionate have big dreams, and big dreams come with big problems.”  She dedicates 3 chapters to discuss how one can overcome these problems and most importantly, overcome the fear of failure. With that said, I will stop hoping you’d read the books and figure it out.
Anita Papas has done it, she had a dream and she was passionate enough to go for it and make it happen. As I read her books, I wonder whether I’d be able to fulfill my dreams as well. But then I think, why not?  I recommend you all read her books for they are of tremendous benefit to any kind of person. Once you get your hands on any of her books, I assure you that you won’t stop reading until it’s over. Let’s all be positive, and only then will we be able to actually go for our dreams!

“Don’t ever let anybody tell you that you can’t do something. I believe that when you dream, and you dare, you can definitely achieve whatever you have in mind.” – Anita Papas, Go For It!

If you’re a Lebanese reader, stay connected with Anita Papas on Facebook, or  contact her by email:


Anita Papas, author of best-selling self-help books

Anita Papas, author of best-selling self-help books


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