Within Temptation: Pagans, Not Satanists

My interest in the coming discussion is not that old as I have been interested in it after a note from my friend about the argument he had with his brother concerning the Within Temptation concert in our country.

Such a concert has been awaited for a long time by the symphonic metal band fans. And even two months before the concert, rumors about the nature of the music and the hidden messages in the songs have been virally spreading all over the region. For this reason, I wanted to clarify some points for the people accusing the band’s members as being satanists and anti-christians.

After a quick review on the band’s history and released albums, I came out with the conclusion that Within Tempation are pagans and not satanists. So what are pagans? And how do they differ from satanists? I will not take a lot of time to explain paganism since it is not the subject of this post (But I am writing a detailed post about this subject that will be published soon, so stay tuned!), but, it is noteworthy to mention that pagans are people who see the divine in everything in life, the earth, the moon, the skies, etc. Paganism represents one the world’s largest religions and it has various branches as Christians and Islam have. Most pagans are polytheists, which means they believe in the prescence of several gods and godesses. More importantly, pagans do not believe in the Devil or Satan, because this latter is part of the Judeo-Christian religions and mythology. Coming back to Within Temptation, several songs clearly show that the members are pagans. For example, their song “Mother Earth” tells the story of the world’s mother, Earth. It shows how much the Earth Goddess is powerful and that the fate of every creature living on it is determined by her. A part of the song’s refrain that validates my previous point is, “She rules until the end of time. She gives and she takes”. These pagan figures are present in few other songs as “Ice Queen” and “Never Ending Story”.

To sum it all up, I would like to say that people need to look more into the things they are talking about. Within Temptation are pagans, they love the earth, rivers, animals, plants, etc. With nothing in their music related to the Devil or satanism, they show the peaceful message they carry in their songs and music.

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