iPhone 5S: First Images Leaked Online

The iPhone 5 has been with us for around eleven weeks, yet it seems that it is becoming old news as all Apple fans are talking about the new iPhone generation, iPhone 5S!

Some resources stated that Apple started testing for the new iPhone 5S, in order to overcome some technical obstacles they are facing with the iPhone 5.

It is better not to get into debates concerning the credibility of the leaked images; however, you cannot deny that they may be genuine.

The leaked images are believed to be of the rear shell of the possibly new iPhone 5S. From the images, we can see that the new iPhone might be very similar to the iPhone 5, but still with some differences. Therefore, we can say that Apple might keep the current model, but it will change the way the logic board is housed.


The printing on the rear of the shell doesn’t confirm any particular model or serial number and could purely be left blank to indicate that the shell comes from an early prototype device.


The configuration for the logic board connections shows the most notable change, but if this is a legitimate component, then it looks like Apple is planning a few little internal changes for the future.


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