Why Ricky Martin Wants To Come Out Again?


His sizzling turn in Broadway’s “Evita” may earn him a nightly standing ovation, but as he enters his dressing room at New York’s Marquis Theater, Ricky Martin is the casual antithesis of the bon-bon-shaking superstar who sang about “livin’ la vida loca.”

Ricky is working now at a pace similar to his late 1990s, and anyone concerned that he might regret declaring himself a “fortunate homosexual man” in 2010 would be happy to know that the risk paid off. Although he will be leaving “Evita” soon, he is set to mentor a new generation of stars on the Australian version of “The Voice”, and recently signed a deal with NBC to develop his own television series, which he described as “dramedy.”

In an interview, Ricky said, “If I knew how good I would feel, I would have done it a long time ago”. He added, “Sometimes I’m like, ‘Can I come out again?’, because it felt amazing… I had no idea how the reaction would be, but I did it because I needed to feel happy and free.”

Ricky’s interests are not limited to music only. In fact, he is helping to raise millions for the MAC AIDS Fund through the sales of his MAC Cosmetics lip conditioner line. He said, “It is very sad to hear some people say, ‘Yeah, that’s an issue for gays,’ because it is not only the gay community that is suffering with AIDS-it is heterosexual men, women, and children too.”

Furthermore, Ricky is very pleased with the U.S. election results. He declared, “If we went the other way, it was going to be like going back in time.” Then he concluded, “What he’s [Obama] has done for the LGBT community…really is beautiful. It’s historical to have a president saying, ‘Marriage equality…let’s move this forward!”


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