A Gene that Determines Likely Time of Death

Physical characteristic and appearances, such as hair color, skin color, and blood type, are all determined by specific DNA sequences called genes. Interestingly, researchers believe they found the gene that will determine the time when a person is more likely to die.

In a study published in November 2012 in Annals of Neurology Journal, scientists interested in studying the circadian rhythm (a.k.a the biological clock) reported that they identified a gene, with unsettled accuracy, that does not only determine whether you are a morning person or not, but also the likely time of your death.

In particular, the gene allows for three possible combinations of the DNA nucleotides, A-A, A-G, and G-G. Dr. Clifford Saper, chief of neurology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, clarified that the genotype affects the sleep-wake pattern of each person. Furthermore, he stated that people with the A-A genotype tend to wake one hour before the G-G people, while the A-G people wake up in between.

Most importantly, these genotypes were accurate predictors of the time of death. Studies on several deceased people showed that people with A-A and A-G genotypes die before 11:00 am, whereas people with G-G genotype die after 6:00 pm. Thus, this gene will determine the time of the day most likely you will die, but not the day.


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