Tea: The Cup of Life

According to a recent study in the BMJ Open journal, black tea might be linked to lower risks of diabetes. In fact, researchers found out that the rates of diabetes are lower in countries with high black tea-drinking rates.

In this study, black tea consumption and diabetes rates were gathered from 50 countries and analyzed to determine whether black tea consumption could prevent several diseases, such as diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, etc.

Interestingly, countries with high rates of black tea consumption, such as Ireland, United Kingdom, and Turkey, showed the lowest rates of diabetes. However, the researchers did not find any link between black tea consumption and other diseases.

Below, is a list of some health benefits of tea consumption:

1-       Boosts the immune system: Green tea consumption has been linked to an increase in the number of T cells in the human body, which are very important for the immune system.

2-      Boosts functioning in old age: If old age are consuming tea at good quantities, then they won’t need help to do basic activities like dressing or bathing.

3-      Lowers blood pressure: Drinking black tea helps lower your blood pressure.

4-      Aids weight loss: Studies showed that drinking five cups of tea every day helps you reach your target weight.

Finally, I am sure that tea has other advantages and benefits that we did not discover yet. Until that time, remember to always drink at least one cup of tea every day.


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