He that Sleeps Feels Not the Tooth-ache



At the end of a long day, most people get into their beds, close their eyes and sleep. As much as simple you might think sleep is, in fact, it is not.

Sleep can be defined as a natural recurring state hallmarked by the loss of consciousness (or reduction) that the human body goes through every day. During sleep, several tissues and organs rest and grow, for example, the immune, skeletal, and muscular systems. However, when it comes to the human brain, this cannot be true. Actually, the most exhausting work for the brain is carried out during sleep.

The Sleep M.D., Dr. Lisa Shives (www.nssleep.com), demonstrated this phenomenon by saying “If you study five pages of history, it is not during the day that they are stored. Instead, it is at night”. And this clarifies the importance of getting enough hours of sleep…

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