He that Sleeps Feels Not the Tooth-ache



At the end of a long day, most people get into their beds, close their eyes and sleep. As much as simple you might think sleep is, in fact, it is not.

Sleep can be defined as a natural recurring state hallmarked by the loss of consciousness (or reduction) that the human body goes through every day. During sleep, several tissues and organs rest and grow, for example, the immune, skeletal, and muscular systems. However, when it comes to the human brain, this cannot be true. Actually, the most exhausting work for the brain is carried out during sleep.

The Sleep M.D., Dr. Lisa Shives (www.nssleep.com), demonstrated this phenomenon by saying “If you study five pages of history, it is not during the day that they are stored. Instead, it is at night”. And this clarifies the importance of getting enough hours of sleep…

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My First Post: It Is All About Wicca

This blog project has been in my mind since last year. However, I never got the chance to start it.

So many hours I spent thinking about the subject of my first post, but I never imagined it would be that special and personal. Yeah! 

My first post is about “Wicca” and how it changed my life into something unique and exceptional.

It is not enough to explain what Wicca is in few sentences, but having said this, I would like to clarify that The Wiccan Community became my second family. And here, I want to greet all the people who helped and supported me in my quest to become a better wiccan member and eventually a better person in life.

I’m very grateful to have you all in my life.  

This is “Why I Love Wicca”


I just can’t come simply and say I am wiccan without saying why I love Wicca.

I love Wicca for the spirit we have altogether

No we do not practice cult or “satanism”. I am personally Christian, and Wicca is just a lifestyle. It’s a way for us to understand that there is an energy or power above us, it is what we think and what we believe that drives that “power” to what we want and need.


It’s all in your head that’s true.. And that’s the point! Since it’s all in your head: You hold the key to master your own life. Beyond Limits!


Hello to all and welcome to the official Wiccan Community Blog. I’m glad that I have the chance to write and share my thoughts over here!!

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